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I received a call recently from a homeowner who had a hardwood flooring problem she suspected was due to moisture in her crawl space. Prior to calling me, she’d had two flooring contractors out to investigate her situation. The first was happy to replace her “cupped” or “warped” hardwood floors, but just to shop out his quote, she had a second flooring contractor out to the house as well. To his credit, the second contractor identified the source of the problem.


He pointed out that her home was built on a crawl space and through his years of experience he had seen this issue before — and the culprit was likely moisture building up. He could replace her floors, but without resolving the moisture in the crawl space, the new flooring he installed would likely cup or warp all over again. Not great news for the homeowner because her problem just got a little more expensive to solve, but at least she wouldn’t be wasting her money with a temporary fix.

The contractor referred her to a general carpenter who could evaluate her crawl space. The carpenter confirmed that it appeared damp in the crawl space and that there was poly, but that it was misplaced and there were large gaps in the coverage. The carpenter recommended that he could sufficiently dry out the crawl space by re-laying out the 6 mil poly and installing a dehumidifier. Once that was done, he advised that the flooring contractor return and make repairs to the flooring. The contractor’s suggestion didn’t seem adequate to the homeowner so she got online to see what other solutions she could come up with, and that’s when she found and called me. Her situation is pretty typical so I thought I would write this article to shed light on the topic for others who may be experiencing similar issues.

Signs Crawl Space Moisture May Be an Issue

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