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Crawl_Space_Waterproofing_in Charlotte

By Michael | Crawl Space

Feb 20

Crawl Space Waterproofing Cost? Install French Drains or just deploy Drainage Improvements?

With the Spring rains approaching, some homeowners will begin to experience ponding of water inside their crawl spaces after heavy rain events. It is important not to panic, but instead to focus on identifying the real problems causing these symptoms to occur.

Be careful of companies that automatically recommend installing french drains, sump pumps, and/or footing drains inside the crawl space environment before exploring cheaper drainage improvements.

Commissioned based sales people are trained with high pressure sales techniques to instill fear in the customer in order for that client to make a quick decision. This includes deploying creative discounting and/or in house financing programs to discourage the client from shopping price with other companies. People will make hasty decisions about these problems being overcharged thousands of dollars because they are scared.

Not properly educated or informed on the problem to make common sense decisions. Never sign a contract with a company on the first site visit. Always explore other alternatives and get other opinions. You want to work with a non-commissioned based professional that can look at the problem from all angles and make an objective analysis of the situation without bias promoting a solution that is independent of manufacturer manipulation and/or corporate franchisee coercion. Often, some basic, inexpensive solutions can be applied to solve the problem without installing expensive foundation drains.

Before spending money on french drains and/or elaborate foundation drains or pressure relief systems consider the following alternatives.

Clean out your gutters once a quarter if you have a wooded lot. Install Leaf Guard Systems to augment the gutter systems.

Upgrade your gutters and downspouts to extra large sizes to carry more flow of water.

Install 5 ft. gutter extensions to all of your downspouts and get the water away from the foundation.

Empty out your vent wells if applicable on sloping lots.

Conduct basic grading improvements to re-direct water away from the structure.

Install decorative swails equipped with aggregate to direct drainage around the structure and slow down erosion.

If you have a flat lot, consider installing N-12 underground piping systems to get the water away from the house completely.

Install a series of 12 inch by 12 inch catch basins connected to a network of underground piping systems directed to daylight location at the lowest point on the property if practical.

If you have damp soils or pools of water inside the crawl space, this may not be a drainage or waterproofing problem at all. It may be a symptom of moisture and/or condensation problems that can be solved with either installing encapsulations and/or controlled ventilation systems. A hybrid solution deploying both technologies can also be explored to save money on the project. As a last resort, French Drains and/or Foundation Drains and pressure relief systems can be deployed as a basis of the solution for maximum effect and efficiency during the project.




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Have a great Spring!


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