Exposed!! Pulling Back the Curtain on the Foundation/Crawl Space Repair & Waterproofing Industries – Part 2 of 2

This second YouTube video in the series is an in-depth analysis with two seasoned industry professionals discussing the intricacies of the foundation/crawlspace repair, waterproofing, and indoor air quality industries.

If you have not reviewed the first video, click the link below.

EXPOSED!! Pulling Back the Curtain Part 1

EXPOSED!! Pulling Back the Curtain Part 2

During the last several years, there has been a large increase in corporate franchising and consolidation of the industry. These franchises are financed, marketed, designed, and driven by the corporate manufacturing complex with the sole purpose of controlling the market utilizing aggressive market manipulation tools, strategies, and sales tactics with the goal of controlling the national as well as the local markets. As a result, the industry has become quite tawdry, linear, and predatory. This video will cover a variety of topics that any homeowner should be aware of before contacting and/or hiring a potential contractor for home services. These topics will include:

·         Disingenuous Sales Tactics

·         Call Centers (how they operate)

·         ADL (Average Sales Dollar Per Lead)

·         Corporate Commissioned Based Sales Teams.

·         100% Commission Based Compensation Structures.

·         Bait & Switch.

·         Fear Based Selling Tactics.

·         High Pressure Sales Closing Gimmicks.

·         Disconnected Corporate Management Structures.

·         Work Force Insights.

·         Inadequate Training.

·         Lack of Experience.

·         High Turnover Rates in sales & production teams.

·         Poor Production Oversight.

·         Poor overall product quality for the monies charged.

·         Franchisees vs. local contractors.

·         The truth about corporate warranties.

After reviewing these topics in this second video in this series one can see the frighteningly disingenuous tactics used by the corporate franchisees to mislead potential customers into spending exorbitant amounts of money for challenges that are misdiagnosed, embellished, or even invented by an overzealous, poorly trained sales team desperate to make sales. It is important to seek out local, independent, noncommissioned professionals during the pre-construction stage of the process to ensure that you are getting an objective, unbiased analysis of the symptoms reported as well as resolving the problem correctly in the first place. This may include bringing in third-party professionals such as licensed structural engineers and/or licensed mold and air quality specialists for investigations. You may also choose to utilize these same third-party specialists even before getting bids from contractors. These same professionals can also be utilized for third-party oversight including final inspections. That way all the contractors are forced to follow the same means and methods as well as applicable processes. The most important thing to do is not to panic. Take your time. Do lots of research. Ask a lot of questions. Check all references and ask the engineering community for referrals. Avoid franchisees if possible. Locate independent professionals in your area. The developmental stage of the project is the most important stage in the process. It sets the stage and the tone for the entire project. If done properly, the client can save thousands of dollars on the project and avoid getting charged for products that are unnecessary and/or unneeded to achieve the project goals.

For an independent analysis of your foundation repair, structural wood, and/or waterproofing challenges as well as a list of trustworthy, qualified, local contractors with the best warranties in the business to work with please feel free to reach out to us for more information. We are here to help!

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