Problems with Crawl Space Encapsulation and Sealed Crawl Space Systems in Charlotte, NC


What are the Common Problems, Complaints, and Disadvantages Associated with Crawl Space Encapsulation or Sealed Crawl Space Systems in Charlotte, NC? A crawl space encapsulation in a nutshell is a protocol where the contractor will close off all of the crawlspace vents, solve drainage problems, clean biofilm contaminants from the floor system, and install expensive plastic […]

Problems Using Dehumidifiers in Crawl Spaces

The Common Fallacies, Challenges, and Problems with Using Dehumidifiers in Crawl Spaces.   I did an inspection last week inside the crawlspace on the south side of Charlotte, NC where I discovered that the homeowner had sealed off all of his vents, and installed a commercial dehumidifier inside the space in an attempt to mitigate […]