Crawl Space Ventilation

It’s springtime! Condensation Problems and odors will soon be an

issue in Charlotte NC Crawl Spaces. Don’t Encapsulate, Ventilate!


Crawl space ventilation – Crawl spaces need dry air and proper ventilation. The goal of the Atmox System is to reduce moisture and humidity level in your crawl space to avoid many of the crawl space challenges that homeowners experience.

The basic principle if how the system works is to ventilate the space with fresh dry air from the outside only when it will improve the conditions inside the crawl space. Using interior and exterior sensors, the Atmox System calculates the dew point inside and outside of your crawl space to determine when the fans should run.

The fans allow for natural air circulation into the crawl space bringing fresh dry air into the space and ultimately your home. However, when there is high humidity or extreme cold outside, the fans will not run to avoid making conditions worse.

Additionally, the Atmox System can be equipped with an optional dehumidifier which will only be used in extreme conditions when the system cannot find adequate dry air from the outside, making the system energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Atmox System offers controlled ventilation of the crawl space with great flexibility in choice, set up, and configuration of fans. Monitoring and alarm notifications from the display screen can inform the homeowner of any possible changes in the crawl space.

There is no limit to the number of fans that can be controlled from the Atmox Control set, allowing for adaptation to most any crawl space whether it has a simple or unique footprint. Once installed, the Atmox System Control Set will automatically determine the best course of action to improve conditions inside the space.

The system uses inside and outside sensors to measure temperature and humidity levels to calculate dew point. The software is sophisticated enough to take into account and adjust for seasonal variation and prolonged changes in temperature and All Atmox Fans are assembled in the USA. The fans are designed to be whisper quiet so that they will not be heard operating from the inside of the home. Although they are quiet, they still have plenty of power to increase the air circulation throughout the crawl space.

The goal of the fans is to create circulation of air over the entire area of the crawl space. This is generally achieved with one side of a house set up as an exhaust side and the opposite side set up as an intake side. Additionally, any dead spaces or corner areas can be reached through the use of joist mounted dead space fans, pipe fans, or auxiliary ducting. Atmox DC powered fans can be connected to a low voltage cable and powered through the use of Atmox 12V DC Power Supplies, which saves energy and minimizes or eliminate the need for an electrician.

Not sure if an Atmox system is the right solution to your crawlspace ventilation problems? Call me for a FREE consultation and take advantage of my 20+ years of dealing with a multitude of crawlspace problems…

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