Bowed Basement Wall Testimonial – Masserang Consulting

Bowed Basement Wall Testimonial – Masserang Consulting

This client, Mr. Audette, had a badly bowed in basement wall that we were able to remediate to his satisfaction.

Bowed Basement Wall Charlotte – Have you noticed bowing or buckling in your basement walls? If you have there is a very good chance that the situation has been a long time in the making. A Bowed Basement or Foundation Wall can occur as a result of soil loads pushing against the wall. Bowing walls occur most often due to the force of hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when water presses against the basement walls, causing the weight against the walls to exceed their capacity. Walls can also bow and fail when expansive clays or frost cause expansion of the soils to fatigue and damage the wall.

Cracking, bowing, and buckling foundations are indicators of a serious problem for a homeowner. However, while these problems should always be taken seriously and repaired as soon as possible, replacement of the foundation is not the only option available. In fact, it’s usually not the best one.

Walls with severe structural damage will show additional horizontal cracks, shearing, and bowing as time progresses, and in some cases, the only way to repair the problem is to completely remove and rebuild the foundation wall. This process requires quite a bit of work, with the process beginning in your yard. Before the foundation is excavated, the yard around your foundation must be removed. This includes all landscaping such as gardens, steps, walkways, foliage, and everything else located along the foundation. Then the foundation will be excavated, with the removed soil being laid in mounds around the house. Temporary supports will be put in place as the foundation walls are removed and replaced. When the job is completed, the landscaping and dirt can be returned. A year later, this soil will settle and must be regraded.

Again, this is sometimes the only thing that can be done for a failing foundation. However, this solution is very expensive, invasive, and disruptive when installed. Additionally, the process merely replaces the foundation that failed. If you haven’t taken any measures to address the problem that damaged the foundation in the first place, it’s likely that this foundation will fail, just as the previous one did.

Other methods available for remediation of a bowed basement wall in Charlotte are:

Wall Anchor System which are designed to anchor the wall with a wall plate attached to a connecting rod to an earth anchor. The materials used are usually corrosion resistant galvanized steel products.

Foundation Wall Reinforcement – basically an internal support system composed of heavy steel I-beams installed adjacent to the bowed wall to premanently prevent further inward bowing of the wall. These have the ability to be adjusted over time to eventually straigthen up the bowed wall.

Carbon Fiber System – Strips of carbon fiber reinforced polymer are epoxy resin adhered to the wall to stabilize any movement. The strips of fiber are actually 10x stronger than steel.

Shotcrete Wall System – a fiber reinforced mortar, shotcrete, is applied directly to the bowed wall. This combined with a wall anchor system can help stabilize any damaged foundation wall.

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