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Foundation Repair Charlotte and Surrounding Counties

As a Foundation repair consultant and basement/crawlspace waterproofing expert my job is to help you solve your foundation problems regardless of the cause. Over my 20+ years of foundation inspections I’ve experienced first hand hundreds of examples … more


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Crawlspace moisture problems have been a challenge for homeowners for nearly one hundred years. Waterproofing the basement and moisture proofing the crawlspace utilize separate technologies to arrive at an acceptable problem resolution. … more


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Crawl Space Air Quality

Crawlspace moisture problems have been a challenge for homeowners for nearly one hundred years. As time progresses, builders are attempting to build homes tighter and crawlspace ventilation issues become more challenging. Today’s state of art homes  … more

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The difference between residential and commercial?…just bigger. With 20 + years of on-the-job experience Michael handles both with the same attention to detail and professionalism with a “customer first” attitude.

Testimonial – Bowing Cement Block Basement Wall (704) 401-4111 Specialty Foundation Repair
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About Michael

Michael has been in the foundation repair and waterproofing industry since 1993. He has performed hundreds of foundation and crawlspace inspections identifying and repairing a multitude of foundation, structural and waterproofing issues commonly found in residential and commercial structures. He is certified expert in Foundation Repair, Waterproofing, Structural Repair and Crawlspace Air Quality. Don’t rely on contractors to give you an honest answer, call Michael for an independent analysis of the situation and recommendations with your best interests (and pocketbook!) at heart.

Michael-Masserang consultant


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“Michael Masserang was the consultant that came out and worked with us to design a solution. He was very knowledgeable, very open, and committed to coming to us with the right solution.”


[testimonial]”I was really impressed by the job Mike did when he came out to do the survey of the crawlspace and to present some possible solutions.   He did give us a whole range of solutions… Mike did not try to up sell us things we didn’t need.”[client_name]Gary[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]”I believe a successful career in sales requires many selling attributes, often referred to as Selling Essentials. I have been associated with Mike Masserang for many years, and I can
assure you that Mike possess three of the most important Essentials –Integrity, Reputation, and Accountability to the customers that he serves. I find it most refreshing to know that Mike has adopted these Selling Essentials as his core values.”[client_name]Bob VanGordon[/client_name][/testimonial]

[testimonial]”Michael Masserang is a professional system design specialist in the areas of foundation repair, drainage improvements, water proofing basements and crawl spaces, indoor air quality, engineered solutions.  Working well into his second decade in the industry their is no project requirement that he has not seen and worked on or seen on multiple occasions.

Michael has a network of engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, architects, hvac, grading contractors who he is able to coordinate a solution which is an out of the box thinking.  Many of the competitors can only work within a minute and finite solution.  If your issues require anything beyond a very narrow perspective the competitors will try to make the square peg fit the proverbial hole.  The solution they might come up with may have some benefit but the solution could be improved geometrically by having Michael be your designer.  

I have had Michael assist me on projects that are commercial and residential in scope.  All the clients we have worked are in fact very satisfied and remain so.  I have had a relationship with Michael for over five years and plan to continue using Michael when my customers need any service offered by Michael.  You would be wise to use Michael Massaerang for your needs when they arise.

“[client_name]Mark Bare – Mark Bare Grading Inc.[/client_name][/testimonial]



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