Ventilate or Encapsulate Your Damp Crawl Space in Charlotte?

Damp Crawl Spaces – Encapsulate and/or Ventilate? Or a combination of both?

With the spring rains approaching, homeowners with crawlspaces will start to notice that seasonal shift from low humidity to high humidity. Dew point levels will rise, air-conditioning units are turned on, and the entire dynamic inside crawlspaces changes.

Elevated Dew Points Result In Crawl Space Condensation Problems

Higher dew point levels translates into condensation buildup, elevated wood moisture levels, tagging insulation, and/or condensation drip. Within 4-6 weeks the right conditions ...

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Leaning Chimney Repair – Tilting Chimney Problem in Charlotte

Leaning Chimney Repair – Charlotte NC

Chimney problems continue to be a common occurrence in the foundation repair industry in the Charlotte market. Chimneys have the vulnerability of having an excessive amount of weight constructed on a fixed point. Often, chimney foundations are poured much too thin or too small as well as being honeycombed up under the chimney itself. Improperly compacted soil at the time of construction can also be an important factor in the development of chimney ...

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Railroad Tie Retaining Wall Problems? Repair or Replace in Charlotte NC

Railroad Tie Retaining Wall Collapsing, Leaning or Decaying?

If you are a homeowner, realtor, or property manager in the Charlotte area and you are dealing with a damaged or decaying timber retaining wall on the property, exploring a repair strategy as opposed to removal and/or replacement could save thousands of dollars on the project. There are currently hundreds of rotten and decaying timber retaining walls located all over Mecklenburg County and the surrounding counties. Built in the 70’s ...

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The Lost Art of Residential Foundation Repair in Charlotte, NC. How do I pick an experienced Contractor?

In Charlotte as with many trades across the United States there is an increasing shortage of qualified personnel to fill production teams in the foundation repair arena. Discussions with colleagues and professionals in the industry all migrate to the same conclusion and agreement with the grim reality of the constant frustration in finding experienced and qualified personnel to take leadership positions as Superintendents and job Formans’ in the field.


It takes at least 10 years to be ...

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Cat Urine Odor Problem Solved in Weddington NC

Cat Urine Odor Problem Solved – Weddington, NC



We are really happy, great job guys.
As you know, I was a skeptic, but you came through for us!
Feel free to let other prospects know our story and you’re welcome to use my post again.
Dan and Robin Reinbold

After contracting with 1 company to install french drains and tarp the crawlspace and then another to encapsulate, insulate and install a dehumidifier in it we started getting ...

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Hardwood Floor Cupping – Crawlspace Moisture Problems


Hardwood Floor Cupping Problems? Elevated Crawl Space Moisture Problems …

With the passing of Spring break, and the upcoming Easter weekend, days become longer and temperatures rise. Weather patterns change to a more sub-tropical feel. Dew point levels increase. It is the start of the condensation season inside North Carolina crawl spaces. Crawl Space construction is the most common construction type in the Southeastern United States. Many of these crawl spaces contain HVAC duct work that service the ...

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