Cat Urine Odor Problem Solved in Weddington NC

Cat Urine Odor Problem Solved – Weddington, NC



We are really happy, great job guys.
As you know, I was a skeptic, but you came through for us!
Feel free to let other prospects know our story and you’re welcome to use my post again.
Dan and Robin Reinbold

After contracting with 1 company to install french drains and tarp the crawlspace and then another to encapsulate, insulate and install a dehumidifier in it we started getting a cat urine-like smell that occasionally, mostly during season changes, entered our home. While the smell was intermittent inside the home the smell was constant in the crawl. The other companies offered solutions but refused to guarantee that even if I re-tarped the entire crawl space with them that the smell would go away. Enter Mike Masserang and the Atmox solution. I researched alternatives for nearly a year after meeting with Mike but he was the only one, working with Intellivent and Bill Mitchell to install the Atmox system, who guaranteed, in writing or my money back, that they would eliminate the smell. They kept the remainder of the crawl the way it was, including the dehumidifier but installed the Atmox system. The install took one day. The installer did a great job, was neat, clean and efficient. THAT SAME NIGHT the smell was gone, even inside the crawl and we haven’t had the smell again. It was nothing short of miraculous and worth every penny. We’ve had the system a month and this is the time of year when we would often get the smell, but it’s completely gone. We couldn’t be happier. I really dug into the debates of full encapsulation versus encapsulation combined with the Atmox system and I can tell you that the Atmox is the way to go. And if you have a smell issue, Mike, Bill, Intellivent and Atmox will take care of it, period.

Dan Reinbold, Weddington, NC

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