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What happens during a foundation inspection? Things to look for and what pitfalls to avoid when getting estimates.

The attached video shows an actual foundation inspection in real-time. What to look for as well as pitfalls to avoid. The main takeaway is to never hire a contractor on the initial site visit. If possible, hire a structural engineer to perform the inspection first before calling on any contractors. Avoid companies with corporate commissioned-based sales teams trained to use high-pressure closing tactics to harvest business. Don’t be misled by the PowerPoint presentation, glossy brochure, and/or ambiguous corporate warranty sham. A warranty is only as good as the work installed. Never pay any money upfront for the project. Wait until the first day of work before paying deposits to the contractor. If a company cannot finance their work up front they have no business being at your house and/or anyone else’s home to begin with anyway. Find local contractors that are unaffiliated with franchisees to perform the repairs as needed. Don’t hire waterproofing contractors to perform foundation repair projects. Be sure the contractor you work with has a minimum of ten years of installation experience and is an actual verified expert in foundation repair. Verify that your contractor is recommended by the engineering community, and use the same engineers for project oversight. Don’t be a victim. Do lots of research and ask to speak to the installer that is actually doing the work. The most important point is not to panic. Take your time during project development and make an educated, informed, decision. It could save you thousands of dollars on the project and help prevent future warranty calls. For more information on the foundation repair industry please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

I reached out to Michael for consultation services and he was one of the most helpful small business owners I have ever encountered. His subject matter knowledge was surpassed only by his willingness to help me solve my problems. I would highly recommend his company to anyone seeking help or services with their foundation, basement, or crawlspace – you dont come across good folks like him very often! Thanks, Michael.

S. Kelly
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