Crawl Space Encapsulations. The Truth About Indoor Air Quality & Wood Moisture Levels.

Mooresville NC – The attached video documents a recent crawl space inspection. The client recently purchased the home and has been experiencing a cat urine-type odor at many places throughout the house. The odors observed on the 1st floor were confirmed outside when the crawl space door was opened. The odor was so strong the client walked away in disgust. Visual inspection of the crawl space confirmed an encapsulation protocol. A 20 mil fiber reinforced liner was installed combined with a 90-pint commercial dehumidifier running at 55% relative humidity. The air quality inside the crawl space was poor due to low clearance and poor ventilation. Wood moisture levels were confirmed at 2%. The ideal range is 10%-14%. The customer will be converting the crawl space back to controlled ventilation utilizing the existing equipment adding an advanced sensor package (ATMOX System), dead corner fans, and a controller mechanism to regulate the crawl space environment without ripping out the liner. Restoring the fresh air into the environment by a factor of dew point will exhaust the stale, smelly, air and restore the natural stacking effect that the house was constructed with. For more information on crawl space air quality, encapsulations, and/or controlled ventilation technologies please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help.

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