Leaning Chimney Repair – Tilting Chimney Problem in Charlotte

Leaning Chimney Repair – Charlotte NC Chimney problems continue to be a common occurrence in the foundation repair industry in the Charlotte market. Chimneys have the vulnerability of having an excessive amount of weight constructed on a fixed point. Often, chimney foundations are poured much too thin or too small as well as being honeycombed […]

Bowed Basement Wall Testimonial – Masserang Consulting

Bowed Basement Wall Testimonial – Masserang Consulting This client, Mr. Audette, had a badly bowed in basement wall that we were able to remediate to his satisfaction. Bowed Basement Wall Charlotte – Have you noticed bowing or buckling in your basement walls? If you have there is a very good chance that the situation has […]

Bowing Basement Walls – Charlotte NC

  Bowing Basement Wall – Charlotte NC With the increased amount of rainfall we have received over the last two months, I’ve been getting several calls for Bowing basement walls. A Bowing basement wall is typically a block wall that shows symptoms of distress from hydrostatic pressure being applied to the outside of the house […]

Foundation Problems


Consider this, your foundation is most probably on poured concrete footers formed directly into an excavated trench in the soil. Our area around the Charlotte area and the Piedmont area in general is a heavy clay based soil. Clay is classified as an “expansive soil” meaning that when it is dry, it contracts and is […]