Bowing Basement Walls – Charlotte NC


Bowing Basement Wall – Charlotte NC

With the increased amount of rainfall we have received over the last two months, I’ve been getting several calls for Bowing basement walls.

A Bowing basement wall is typically a block wall that shows symptoms of distress from hydrostatic pressure being applied to the outside of the house from increased water penetration along the foundation. This can be a result of poor drainage, clogged gutters, grading problems, clogged foundation drains and/or or poor construction.

Symptoms of distress will often start with a small horizontal crack spanning the middle of the wall to multiple cracks forming with notable inward deflection bowing into the basement.

The damage can vary from ¼ inch deflection to a more advanced state of 3”-4” inches of deflection. If the problem goes untreated a structural failure can occur where the wall collapses into the basement bringing soil, mud, and other debris into the living area.

If you are experiencing a bowing basement wall, we are equipped to apply emergency shoring to temporarily stabilize the wall as well as applying unique geotechnical approaches to solve the problem permanently.

If you are experiencing these symptoms please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone for a free consultation. We are here to help!

Call me at 704-787-6972

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