Crawl Space Ventilation


It’s springtime! Condensation Problems and odors will soon be an issue in Charlotte NC Crawl Spaces. Don’t Encapsulate, Ventilate!   Crawl space ventilation – Crawl spaces need dry air and proper ventilation. The goal of the Atmox System is to reduce moisture and humidity level in your crawl space to avoid many of the crawl space challenges […]

Crawl Space Waterproofing


WATERPROOFING YOUR HOME’S CRAWL SPACE With the Spring rains approaching, some homeowners will begin to experience ponding of water inside their crawl spaces after heavy rain events. It is important not to panic, but to focus on identifying the real problems causing these symptoms to occur. Be careful of commissioned based sales people attempting to sell you an […]

Damp Crawl Space


With the spring rains approaching, homeowners with crawlspaces will start to notice that seasonal shift from low humidity to high humidity. Dew point levels will rise, air-conditioning units are turned on, and the entire dynamic inside crawlspaces changes. Higher dew points translates into condensation buildup, tagging insulation, and condensation drip. I have done some inspections over the last […]


Masserang Contracting & Consulting issued a press release concerning the start-up of Michael Masserang’s new Foundation Repair / Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing / and Crawl Space Air Quality contracting and consulting service based out of Concord, NC. Masserang Contracting & Consulting services covering the greater Charlotte NC area including the Piedmont and Mountains of Western […]