Damp Crawl Space

With the spring rains approaching, homeowners with crawlspaces will start to notice that seasonal shift from low humidity to high humidity. Dew point levels will rise, air-conditioning units are turned on, and the entire dynamic inside crawlspaces changes. Higher dew points translates into condensation buildup, tagging insulation, and condensation drip.


I have done some inspections over the last seven days where condensation drip has been misdiagnosed as drainage problems. Inexperienced reps will come to the conclusion that a crawlspace needs foundation drains based on damp surface soils.

Be careful of this mistake. Foundation drains don’t solve crawlspace humidity problems!!!!! Be sure to have your crawlspace inspected by a real crawlspace air quality Specialist that understands the dynamics of how ventilation works.

If you invite a larger company out to inspect your crawlspace, request the most experienced rep in the sales force. Keep in mind that some of these companies have 10+ sales people, most of them with under 1 year experience in the industry.

Don’t allow the call centers to book the appointment for you. Most call-center personnel have little to no construction experience, and don’t even understand the problem. Ask to speak to the consultant directly and make your decision on whether or not they are qualified by the initial phone conversation. Ask specific questions about their experience, backgrounds, and credentials.

The most important part of solving the challenge is diagnosing the problem correctly.

Be safe out there and have a great Spring!


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