Encapsulate v.s. Ventilate

It’s springtime, so it’s time to have your crawlspace inspected for condensation problems. Moisture in your home’s crawl space can introduce a multitude of problems if not resolved. High moisture in your crawlspace provides the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth – a earthy, musty smell that can permeate the crawlspace and invade the home. If left unchecked, the wooden structural support of your home, the joists, sub-floor and rim joists become weak and unable to support your homes weight causing floor sagging, weak floors and eventually catastrophic failure. Now in most cases, your crawlspace health can be improved by utilizing your existing crawlspace vents with a controlled ventilation system. Sealed crawlspaces, as opposed to ventilated crawlspaces can be problematic, and expensive depending on the size of the house. We can provide the same results by augmenting your existing crawlspace vents to do what they were engineered to do at the time of construction utilizing fresh air…. and saving you money! Call me today for a free evaluation of your crawl space ventilation environment and take advantage of my 20 + years of solving crawlspace problems.

P.S. Contractors are notorious for taking advantage of uneducated consumers especially when dealing with high profit margin jobs like crawlspace moisture remediation – let me guide you and get you connected with a qualified Atmox (my choice for moisture remediation) Installer in your area.

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