Ray Terry – About Your House Radio discussing crawl space science, air quality and mold issues. 8-5-17

Published on August 6, 2017

I wanted to thank Ray personally for having us on his show on Saturday! We were lucky to have some of the top minds in the industry all sitting down at the same table together to discuss the intricacies of crawl space science and the effects of moisture, condensation, drainage problems, poor air quality, and mold issues inside and under homes here in Charlotte, NC, and the South Eastern U.S. in general. Any opportunity to sit down with John and Linda Eicher at Environmental Services Group Carolinas, LLC is a special treat! Linda knows her stuff and I can think of know one else in the mold and air quality industry that I trust more.

It was also a great opportunity to visit with Billy Mitchell the owner at Intellivent. He is the preferred installer of the Atmox Controlled Ventilation System here in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding counties. Billy and and I (Masserang Consulting  /  Specialty Foundation Repair) work together on a regular basis to develop and resolve condensation and structural wood challenges that effect homes here in the Charlotte area. It has been a busy summer so far, and I look forward to working with Ray, Billy, John, Linda, and all of the engineers at Intelligent Design Engineering as well as Steve Michael and Miriam Breedlove at Atmox Systems to educate the public on developing cost effective science based solutions for customers without breaking the budget. We appreciate Ray’s hospitality and look forward to the next opportunity to get on the air. And always remember, Don’t Encapsulate, Ventilate! Have a great summer! Visit the attached link to hear the show!

Best Regards,

Michael P. Masserang/Billy Mitchell

Listen to the audio 8/5/17:

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