Corruption in the Mold Remediation Industry.

mod remediation corruption

Occasionally, you get the opportunity to review the work installed by other companies. A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from one of the real estate agents that I work with quite frequently. She currently owns a property in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina that is used as a rental property. The agent reported […]

Leaning Chimney Repair – Tilting Chimney Problem in Charlotte

Leaning Chimney Repair – Charlotte NC Chimney problems continue to be a common occurrence in the foundation repair industry in the Charlotte market. Chimneys have the vulnerability of having an excessive amount of weight constructed on a fixed point. Often, chimney foundations are poured much too thin or too small as well as being honeycombed […]

Should I Keep Crawl Space Vents Open or Closed?


Crawl Space Vents Open or Closed? It is that time a year once again. Heavy rains, followed by periods of excessive heat. Elevated relative humidity and dew point levels become common now all through the summer. It is the season of condensation problems inside Charlotte, NC crawlspaces. Homeowners are now faced with the unpleasant reality […]